Milestone 2 vs Milestone 1

Yesterday I put my hands on a Motorola Milestone 2 and I could do the various comparative tests with my current device, Motorola Milestone. Right from the outset you can already see the enormous external similarity between the two devices. The few differences are limited to the placement of standard Android buttons, whose order has been slightly modified, and also to a more rounded aspect of the front, near the keys of Android.

Milestone 2 vs Milestone 1

Motorola Milestone 2 Design

The back of the device has not changed much, continuing with the excellent rubberized coating that gives a firmer grip to the device. By sliding the keyboard, you also notice that the Milestone 2 keyboard has slightly larger and better distributed keys. The keyboard’s illumination turns bluish, which also gives Milestone 2 a more beautiful look.

Motorola Milestone 2 Processing and Storage

When it came to hardware, the changes were significant. The Milestone 2 processor is 1GHz, compared to 600MHz Milestone 1. The RAM now 512MB is double the previous one and the internal memory that previously was less than 200MB passed to 8GB, also counting on the possibility of using an 8GB micro SD card.

More information on Motorola Milestone 2

All other features already present in the Motorola Milestone 1 have been maintained, and the lack of FM radio too! It would be an interesting innovation to put an FM radio in Milestone 2.

The connection is made via microUSB for both data and recharge. It has Wifi, 3G, bluetooth and GPS. Completely complete right!

The screen is the same as Milestone 1, with 3.7 inches and excellent resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and protection with the famous “Gorilla Glass”, which scratches nothing in this world!

The default operating system for Milestone 2 is Android 2.2, which comes with Motoblur. Most of the complaints and bugs of the Motorola devices with Android 2.2 have some relation with Motoblur, installed by default. In my current device, the Motorola Milestone 1, I use Android 2.2 ShadowModBR and have nothing to complain about. Since I made the update I realized that I can wait longer to change my phone. In other words, all the advantages already known from Android 2.2 come with the new Milestone 2. But if you already have Milestone 1, it does not pay to upgrade this device, in my opinion. Just update your Milestone 1. The performance of Android 2.2 in Milestone 2 is a lot better than Milestone 1, but even then I think it is not worth the exchange.

Despite having more powerful hardware, the Milestone 2 battery is the same as the one used in Milestone 1. This certainly means less autonomy, but considering the intricate energy-saving means of the new processors, maybe the difference is not that great.

The weight is the only weakness I notice in Milestone 1, and this has unfortunately remained in Milestone 2. Although slightly lighter, it’s still a heavyweight phone by today’s standards.

Comparison Motorola Milestone 1 and Motorola Milestone 2

If you already have a Milestone 1, I do not see why buying a Milestone 2 now. Just upgrade your Android to version 2.2 and your Milestone 1 will remain a great phone for a long time. Now, if you are looking for a good Android smartphone to make your device more humble aside, Milestone 2 is a good call. Just remember that Motorola does not usually provide Android updates, and when it does it is due to user pressure, as it did with the promise to upgrade Milestone 1 to Android 2.2. It’s quite possible that one day there will be an update of Android 2.3 for Milestone 2, and that would be a good reason for a purchase!

In any case, it pays to evaluate Samsung Galaxy S and see if the differences of this device will not make it more suitable to your needs!