Mirror for Lounge Room

In furnishing a particular home care reserves and staging the show finishes – living. This is because it is very important places, as dedicated to hospitality and family atmosphere sharing.

Usually we are quite spacious and comfortable, to meet friends and family and try to impress them with our style choices.

Increasingly, modern furniture experts suggest placing the actual design works in the lounge / living room.

An exclusive item, with an obvious and important signing, suitable for creating the right visual impact and make their mark on the host.

Among the objects of design that enrich these environments stand in the front row of the mirrors.

Mirrors the apparent size, with important and sumptuous frames, with small reliefs on the surface, or mirrors are characterized by composite forms, associated with each other, in creating artistically relevant decorative combinations, dominate the scene of modern living.

The ideal location for these additions is the posting to the wall above the sofa, as a kind of framework to be admired, a true “work of art.”

It ‘definitely a masterpiece model Modern Design Dekoarte.

One wall mirror with base in black color wood, large size (120 cm in length for 80 wide), with predisposed billboard mechanisms at both the horizontal and vertical level.

The particularity of this mirror is its asymmetric frame, designed by rectangles of different sizes always provided with a mirrored surface.

A sort of collage between smaller and larger mirrors, that side by side and overlapping one another, go to create a frame to the widest basic mirror.

It is a prestigious design model and aesthetically very impressive.

Increasingly  Dekoarte the modern wall mirror, square, with base in black wood frame and screen printed with dark bands.

A simple model in form, but particularly in the contrast that characterizes the frame, between the mirror segments and a black band.

The end result is a very elegant mirror, suitable to the style of modern furniture – urban – urban, they dominated the scene the contrasts of colors, shapes and materials.

A mirror with these features positioned on the wall on which is resting on the couch, or on a completely free from the furniture wall, presents itself as a precious canvas-seeing and appreciate.

Valuable model Dreams DECORACIÓN Beltran.

A wall mirror with silver-colored finish, size 121 cm high by 80 cm wide, characterized by the three-dimensionality.

Cubes and rectangular in full mirrored surface, are expertly joined, in order to form an imposing mirrored base with an innovative and original game of protrusions and recesses.

The final result is a beautiful sculpture in the mirror that gives the room personality.

The mirrors of lounge / living just presented are just a few of the many models on the market.

The common feature of all these models is that they present themselves as prestigious accessories, indispensable to give a strong impression of style to your home.