Modern Swimwear Fashion

Swimwear is essential in the summer, in every wardrobe. But you must wear always the daily bikini or swimsuit. Also at the swimwear, individual fashion preferences can be made to the expression E.g. in the form of real unique. The two ladies Eva Swoboda and Anna Berger show that swimwear can be a lot more. Already since the year 2007, the fashion-loving women working on a whole new type of swimwear that will certainly soon large waves.

The idea came to her project the girlfriends during her studies at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. This experiment the two ladies with knitting machines and tried make crochet bikinis. They were inspired by the cotton bikinis of her mother, which date from the 1970s. But cotton was not good material for a modern bikini and thus, the ladies seek new opportunities. Eve and Anna for this reason on the perfect cut and also the matching yarn work for many years. The yarn should have a high density of crochet, but be still comfortable. As well, it should dry quickly. In the design of the women completely rely on a simple and reduced style. There are no wild patterns or other bells and whistles, but only simple colors and informal cuts. But just that constitutes the peculiarity of the crochet bikinis.

International expansion

Of course Anna Berger and Eva Swoboda could not alone assume the entire work. For this reason, they searched seniors who would like to crochet on the Bulletin Board in the super market. Soon some seniors spoke out and the Turkish Cultural Association in Neukölln cooperates with “E.a.. seawear”. The Bikinis by E.a.. seawear there are only in selected boutiques in Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich and Lucerne, and in large online shops such as in the range of swimwear on Homeagerly.

However, the ladies want to go a step further and sell their bikinis in Spain, Asia and the United States. For this to be possible, they’re looking for options to produce the bikinis in moderation of course. In Thuringia, Anna and Eva were found, however the company manufactures only the Bikini pants because the tops are simply too complicated. Currently they are looking kick starter on the Crowdfunding platform for support and certainly there will be already soon around the world to buy the unique pieces.