Moo Cards Offers Free Cards Look of Facebook

The Moo Cards, startup that today has grown and has offices in the United States and Britain launched a promotion in very cool in January which could not fail to mention the TB. Users who can access a particular page in just right time will win a pack with 50business cards. The difference is for the look of the card, which is very reminiscent of Facebook.

To reach this result the staff Moo Cards pulls Facebook information after the user allows an application to detect these data, such as name, email, city you live in and phone. Still have the avatar currently adopted by the internet and the photos that serve as cover for the timeline.

When the user comes to card settings panel gives to choose which pictures go, what photos are in addition to modify some data. However, keep in mind that the address of the user on Facebook can not be removed from the card – at least I could not erase.

“I want!” I knew you’d want, so be sure to enter your information page on Facebook (click on your name and then “About”). In the right column (excluding the ad unit) you will find the “Contact Information” section. Notice that there is a small icon of a card. Hover your mouse over it, wait a moment and realize that a balloon will open. There you click on “Print Cards”. Follow the step by step.

Initially the Moo Cards did not charge the shipping to send cards. However, mamata has just a few days. Then you have to pay the freight, which should give a little outside the normal price with business cards included.

The trick is in time the Moo Cards opens their system to new registrations. There is limit of 5,000 orders of cards a day, so there is always the risk of running out.

They recommend trying the procedure when it dawns on the east coast of the United States. For my part, I could order my cards when it was almost noon here in this tropical country. So is the hint to try tomorrow.

Several readers report via comments that did not pay anything for shipping cards. Better yet, do you?