Mota G2 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Niche of smart watches is booming. And we all know that such technological areas with promising business opportunities and low financial threshold for entering always attract any players who would like to try their luck. MOTA ambitious company presented its device MOTA The SmartWatch the G2 (the Generation 2) available for pre-sales.

It is the successor of gadget MOTA SmartWatch G1 (Generation 1 – the link is on the left), which will read a little further down. G2 has improved performance, and support for Google Now, and’s Siri (Apple’s), which means it is compatible with devices running both popular operating systems – Android and iOS. According to users, if G2 is only used as a Bluetooth headset should work well with all other contemporary authors phone (not just smartphones, WP). After connecting to the main unit, G2 will listen for commands that will transmit to Google Now and Siri (they are on the smart device instead of G2), and then transmits back the response, saving the need for uncomfortable dealing with coast- unit. Minus for G2 e maintenance only 3.0 the Bluetooth, which is a major drawback for contemporary wearable device must pursue notably energy efficiency for themselves and connected device. MOTA promise of work up to 72 hours of standby time and up to 3 hours of talk. MOTA SmartWatch G2 has a OLED display, “premium”, microphone, vibromotor for notifications (incoming calls, alarms), display Caller ID, ​​and function against loss of connected device. Available 3 colors (black, white and red) and 2 sizes (7.5 “and 7”) and the price is $ 79.99 for waterproof smart watch. Deliveries will begin from June 20.

Interesting and stylish product with an attractive price, but with undeserved name The SmartWatch. In our MOTA SmartWatch will be a smart clock and wearable Bluetooth headset in the form of a bracelet hand that offers several additional features. We make such a conclusion based on information about predecessor MOTA SmartWatch G1, which received very mixed reviews from buyers, and even was suspected as rebranding Chinese widget which you can find through sites (and even Amazon) for half price. These Chinese online stores and even find devices that resemble the new G2. Here are some links to similar Chinese versions of G1 ( here, here and here ) and G2 ( here and here ), and you decide whether it is identical devices.

In our MOTA has something to do with these products, but are its added functionality and improved performance, and hopefully more quality. And the price difference is small, which makes MOTA SmartWatch G2 acceptable base purchase.