Motorola Pro + in the Test

The test of connect shows: the Pro + is one with his blazing business package and the good handling of the currently best keyboard smartphones.

Motorola is known for its smartphones with typewriter keyboard – we remind ourselves of the milestone. The most recent Tip professional of the Americans at the start is now the Pro + for 349 euros without a contract.

Nondescript, but strong workhorse

Visually, the designers of the angular outfit moved to a rather smart, but still fairly inconspicuous appearance with rounded enclosure. This benefits but not least handling: so is the Pro + balanced perfectly and thanks to the rubberized battery cover non-slip in the hand of the user. The lush sized keyboard offers strong pressure points and very easy to operate after a short settling time. This is joined by a 3.1-inch touch screen with VGA resolution and very strong 593 cd/m2 brightness. This combination can be very convenient one-hand operated by thumb and offers such excellent comfort to be serving.

The inner values of the Pro + vote. The 1 GHz processor ensures a delay-free working. In terms of storage, about 2.2 GB available, which can be easily extended by optional micro-SD memory card are the user in total. The Pro + on Board has the usual priligy features such as A-GPS, n Wi-FI with DLNA, Bluetooth and HSPA.

Full facilities, abundant stamina

On the Motorola Android does his duty in the version 2.3.5, UI is the own Motoblur used, which is one of the best Android surfaces. In addition to numerous customization options – the user can determine roughly the size of various widgets on the main – three profiles for personal home screen design is available.

During commissioning of the Pro + users can register free of charge with Motoblur. Motoblur offers not only various services for social networks and E-Mail, the user has the possibility to locate the Pro + in case of loss of GPS via a Web interface and disable or delete completely. Otherwise the Pro + with the Quick office and GoToMeeting programs, a file browser, and encryption options is recommended as a true business phone.

The impressive performance continued the Pro + in the laboratory, offered a typical endurance of five and a half hours and a talk time of over 13 hours here. Acoustics and reception are also good. With this performance, which reached Motorola Pro + square 2 in the connect list for keyboard smartphones.