Multimedia Sync System 3, Ford, is Compatible with Smart Clock

Smartwatch clock Gear S2, Samsung brings functions such as vehicle location, sleep alert and schedules of commitments

Launched earlier this month in 2017 line of the Ford Focus, the third generation of Sync multimedia system brought news as new touch screen of eight inches and compatibility with Apple systems and Auto for Andoid CarPlay greater integration with mobile phones. In addition, the new plant can also be connected to the “wearables”-“wearable technology” devices, like the smartwatches, the smart watches.

In the case of Sync 3, at least initially the smartwatches interaction is restricted to the Gear model S2, from Samsung. You need to download two applications of Sync 3 for the watch, which is counting on three additional functions: vehicle location, sleep alert and schedules of commitments.

Sync 3 was recently released in 2017 of the Focus line

The tracking function works as follows: when you park the car, the Gear brand vehicle location S2 through the GPS signal. Then, the device instructs the driver in return, showing the path directly on the screen. In cases of garage buildings, adds Ford, the smartwatch clock is able to register the floor and the number of the parking space.

Already the sleep alert is a feature designed to keep the driver alert during longer trips. Simply set the clock to send alerts in pre-defined time intervals-every 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. This warning is also accomplished through sound of the Sync screen. Finally, the schedule function warns on the Sync screen the next appointment of the day, based on the data entered previously in the smartwatch clock. Works the same way as is already the case with smart phones.

The applications necessary to enable the integration of Samsung’s clock are the Gear Sync, available on Google store Play, and the Samsung Gear, also in downloadable Google Play in Galaxy Apps.