Must Have Maxi Dresses

From the catwalks comes the maxi dress in many forms. Comfortable and elegant, far from the traditional “flower child”.

Women's Maxi Dresses

It is fortunate that the comfortable maxi dress is back in fashion: to be worn with flat sandals or wedges maxi, with colored bags (but strictly micro or maxi), wide and extra-long clothes will agree the most reliable hunters cull.

Say “maxi dress” recalls the hippie image from flower child?! NO, exhaustive.

On the catwalks Printemps-été 2013 will be a piece of extreme elegance, declined to looksdifferent, especially for elegant evenings or poolside cocktails. Several fashion houses and re-propose the the range of available prices allows anyone to produce a supertendenza clothes.

Vanessa Bruno, with its nuances s pastel of pink and cream that are woven into a game of transparencies, presents the romantic and sophisticated outfits, suitable for ceremonies or exclusive events, to enhance the low price long dresses (around € 350).

Furstenberg stages instead vestments with accesissimi and color tone on tone , declining a new elegance that goes beyond convention (140 to $ 900).

Delicate tones of Tommy Hilfiger who chooses the blue sugar paper and fantasy hawaii apparel “Frederique Printed” (€ 99.90) and the empire gown sfumato “Jamie” (€ 99.90), for the most young. Sophisticated even the dress “Rio Embroidered” of French Connection that prints light hummingbird suspended between red flowers (€ 180).

The most elegant garments of the season are the “Medina Striped” (€ 97), extra long, has rows with intelligence to enhance theneckline and elongate the figure. A dress really thought to enhance the femininity as well as the line “Marilyn” (from € 95 to 150) in deep blue silk and tobacco, also signed French Connection.

In their simplicity maxi dresses play with the little details: the placket collier of Naf Naf combined with the little belt in rope over dizzying gap, golden pearls of “Run collection” striped Tommy Hilfiger (€ 549.00), l ‘asymmetry Martino Midali (from 76 to 358 €)  , the insert in lace French Connection . But also the simplicity of the multi-line remains timeless.

In short, no matter what you choose, the important thing is to have in a holiday suitcase maxi dress that most of all represent your style.

Just remember: if trying a suit, look at you in the mirror, you find similarities with Laura de “The House on the Prairie” or a drupie 70s, then you have to opt for textures and different lines.