My Shirt

… of puff sleeves…

Not had all with me… did not know that I would perhaps look with this type of sleeve while a friend had told me that they are very encouraging… Well, I finally bought this shirt from H & M and this is the result of the first look with her. I wanted to mix my vein a little rock with my vein of good girl. It is good pink bat that both takes… that softens any aggressive look!

I’ve seen the butterfly brooch in several of my visits to H & M. Whenever I was going I resisted to buy it, but it finally had to be… love it! This year it seems that I’m obsessed with the “pink bat”, I love it! Headband and bag are Primark, I bought both last month but still had not come by here. The bag is somewhat uncomfortable because it has little handle to carry the shoulder, but is well, not that I walk large stretches with bag in tow!

Well, to tell you that I’m on vacation… trying to remodel something the House (paint, collect, redecorating…) what Ando something liadilla. That Yes, I am disconnecting total work, which is what you needed according to

And nothing more… I feel that this post is so short… thank you all stay there and pamper me so much!