Nail Care Tips at Home

Bonita nail is not a miracle and it needs care.

Nail Care Tips at Home

There’s no point buying the most beautiful enamel on the planet, if they are not well cared for.

A lot of people complain about brittle, weak and opaque nails and they are easy to chip.

Really, it is worrying when the nails are ugly.

Everyone can have healthy and beautiful nails.

Improving the appearance of the nails is easier than you might think!

To have beautiful nails does not require a lot of time and money! With some simple and cheap care, it is possible to have amazing nails.

These tips are for people who do their nails at home or at the salon. Today’s post brings the simple care to have beautiful nails! Follow!

1. Healthy food nourishes the nail!

Many people spend a lot of money on cosmetics of nails and the nail is not pretty. What many people don’t know is that the energy supply is the most efficient way to have beautiful and strong nails! Keep your nutrition rich in fruits and vegetables, especially, drinking lots of water. Nail problems can reflect vitamin deficiencies in nutrition. Check your routine energy and adopt healthy habits. The energy supply is powerful!

2. Discard the use of acetone

Acetone causes dryness in nails. It removes the natural oils and the protective film of the nail.  See Bridgat to shop for nail polish removers. Apply the nail polish remover without acetone! The market offers various types of removers where there are ingredients in the formulation that help in the health of the nail, such as oils (Grape seed, almond, Orchid), silicone and vitamin E. Please note that the remover should not be used more than once a week.

3. Cleaning products which harm your nails

Cleaning products such as detergents, bleach and abrasive others. Wear gloves when do household chores that require use of cleaning products. A pair of cleaning gloves is not expensive and lasts a long time if you’re careful.

4. Do not remove the cuticles!

Some people may have the habit of taking the cuticle of the nail. Maybe that’s the reason why this task is more difficult to be executed for beautiful nails. The cuticle protects against fungi and bacteria. When you do your nails, just soak your fingers in warm water to soften. Then push the excess skin. If necessary, remove any piece with pliers (without removing cuticles). It’s a sacrilege to cure nail fungus or bacteria. So, let the protection protect your nail naturally.

5. Moisturize your nails!

Do you know that your nails need to be hydrated? The usual activities and time itself can lead to dryness of the nail. The almond oil is a cheap option and great to moisturize your nails. The oil is the best moisturizer for your nails (better than cream).

Feel free to share any secrets to have beautiful nails!

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