Nails Decorated Heart Step by Step

The sets of nails decorated still having success with women of all ages and styles. After the success in the nails francesinhas, twits, an only child, among other types of techniques, the decorated nails heart turnedtrend. Also known as heart nails, that kind of decoration of nails comes along in social networks, mainly on Instagram, since the technique does success with various celebrities.

Nails decorated the famous

The design of heart the nails can be done in two different ways. The first is perfect for women who have long fingernails, because then your nails are sanded to stay well pointed and the heart design is done on the ends, using the rounded shape. This option leaves the chic look and delicate. In the second option the heart can be made in any length, as it is done in the Center, like a stamp. This option leaves the more romantic and is much more versatile.

3 tutorials to learn how to do nails decorated heart

Nails of heart

The following technique is very simple and easy to make, can be made at home. To make the heart design on my nails, you will need a cast that can be done with a bandage, which is used for first aid. You can make the heart design in all the nails or only on one to leave the more delicate. Watch the video below, and learn how to make a model heart decorated nails very discreet.

Nails of heart with heartbeat
For those who like that sort of differentiated decorations design is a good alternative to be used on several occasions: as parties, ballads, and even on a daily basis. See in the video below, step by step how to make a beautiful heart with heart rate.

Heart nails with polka dots

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to make decorated heart nails model using a staining technique that is fashionable. And to let the visual of this nail art even more modern and delicate, is also done black polka dots on fingernails to give a special touch to the decoration. See the video below, how to make this beautiful nail art.

Enjoy these tutorials for various types of nails decorated heart. All these models can be used in day to day occasions and even to go on special events, such as weddings, graduations and birthdays. Not to take the risk of making mistakes, just separate the materials needed to facilitate its work.