New Canon Pixma Printers and Multifunction Devices

Canon has unveiled its new PIXMA inkjet printers and multifunction devices. A first of all, there was little innovations. The new device print to the same printer works and use the same ink cartridges as the predecessor.

Canon PIXMA IP4700

Canon’s new flagship. The predecessor IP4600 has sold very well and now finds his successor in the IP4700. According to Canon the printing pace has increased slightly and the color of the printer is now completely black. The Canon PIXMA IP4700 as his predecessor used the same printer works and the same ink cartridges PGI-520BK and CLI-521. The IP4700 is having at the time for 100 euros, the predecessor IP4600 costs currently about 90,-euro.

Canon PIXMA MP270 and MP490

The new Canon PIXMA MP270 multi function device replaces his predecessor MP240 and MP260 . As innovation, it has a tray that opens after the print job atomatisch. The MP270 will be available for approximately 90,-euro. The MP270 with integrated print head uses the printer cartridge PG-512 and the CL-513 .

The Canon PIXMA MP490 has a 4.5 cm-large screen and a memory card reader. Otherwise, he is probably identical with the MP270.

Canon PIXMA MP550 and 560

Both multifunction devices print with the five individual ink cartridges PGI-520BK and CLI-521. The Canon PIXMA MP550 replaces the MP540 and is available for around 120 euros in trading. However, the Canon PIXMA MP560 is the gleiuche printer, to aetzlichem Wi-Fi for wireless printing and a duplex unit. The price is 170 euros.

Canon PIXMA MP640 and MP990

The Canon PIXMA MP640 is the successor of the MP630. The MP640 has a network interface and a 7.5 cm large display. The price is for ca 200,-euro. The Canon PIXMA MP990 is the successor of the MP980 and owns a 9.5 cm-large display. Both printers work with the CLI-521 and PGI-520BK individual ink cartridges. The MP990 is working with an additional gray cartridge (CLI-521GY) and is therefore more expensive to maintain. This grey cartridge should provide a better picture of pressure especially in the photo printing.

Canon PIXMA IX7000, the new A3 printer

With the Pixma IX7000 , Canon introduces the successor of the Pixma IX5000 . The older Pixma IX4000 should also remain in the Canon range. The IX7000 cooperates with the well-known from the MX7600 Canon PGI-9 and PGI-7BK ink cartridges. This cartridge include pigmented ink and are therefore waterproof and very well protected against UV light.

The new PIXMA inkjet printers and multifunction devices is available at