New CAPTCHA System Will Ask You to Enter Feelings in Place of Numbers and Letters

The systems CAPTCHA were invented to prevent automated bots from using a particular service, often to spread spam. A person proves that it is a person to read and type the sometimes complicated sequence of numbers, letters and symbols on the screen. There are ways to circumvent these, but is relying on a group of human rights defender, this task will become more difficult. They created a CAPTCHA system that requires typing the right feeling.

What the system does is display a phrase linked to any violation of human rights, such as the creation of laws against homosexual behavior for example. And the final question “How does that make you feel?” Showing three feelings. The person to enter the right feeling receives the stamp of being human and have their registration or approved comment. Otherwise, there is a wait of 5 seconds before the next attempt.

An automated bot or SPAM would not know what certain sense, since it was not done to interpret the questions – just trying to read the sequence and insert it in the field. And the group also believes that it can decrease the amount of trolls in the comments fields, after the system has a high chance of causing a bit of empathy in them (or at least try).

Who want to install the system can get the instructions in the Civil Rights Captcha siteand test is available on this page. The system can also be circumvented if a person hire one of those services that humans read and type in CAPTCHAs all day, but there is an obvious advantage of great effectiveness against automated robots and help break trolls to have feelings.

A place that Wired quotes in this CAPTCHA system can be very useful is the field of video comments on YouTube, where trolls proliferate faster than rabbits.