New Characters for LEGO Dimensions

Disney has revealed other characters for LEGO dimensions that will be included in the expansion pack, including find characters from the DC Comics, back to the future, as well as LEGO Ninjago. LEGO dimension will be released on October 01, 2015 for Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation4, PlayStation3, and Wii U.

New Characters for LEGO Dimensions

Bros. The LEGO Group, interactive entertainment and TT Games announce more characters from the upcoming expansion pack for LEGO dimension. Characters from the DC Comics team Pack, the back and the DC Comics fun packs include to the future Fun Pack, as well as the LEGO Ninjago Fun Pack, such as LEGO wild and Harley Quinn minifigures LEGO, LEGO Superman -, LEGO bane minifigures, LEGO Aquaman – and Lloyd minifigures, a doc Brown Mini Figure LEGO and songaah.

In addition to the new characters include the collectible team and fun packs new vehicles, special in-game skills, tools and gadgets to build. With the numerous expansion packs, it is for players to combine a wide range of possible stories: throughout the game in each of the worlds, with all the characters. There are no boundaries. The player can use up to seven characters, vehicles, and weapons at the same time in the LEGO dimension, by placing them on the LEGO toy pad. The result is a special game-play crossover. For example, you can then control the LEGO DeLorean time machine through Hill Valley with LEGO Superman or you can fight together with LEGO bane in new Ninjago city LEGO Doc Brown.

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