New Line of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Amp

Romantic movements suggest pauses for contemplation of the senses, light and shade, music and silence draw unimaginable and surprising outlines. Melody, the new collaboration of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. Has just arrived in Brazil with jewelry created from interlaced hoops that gently change the shape while sliding through the body.

Presented in 2007 as “Life”, the hoops carried in their design the magic of Marrakech and the opulence of the Orient. Her design evolved and was the starting point for the new Paloma’s Melody collection, which arrives with five or nine hoops filled with personal feelings such as dreams, love, creativity, spirituality and positivism.

Mistress in imagining supercolored pieces, Paloma challenges herself to turn to simple and sophisticated lines in another partnership with Tiffany & Co. Made of yellow gold, 18k white or silver of law, with or without precious stones, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings reproduce a rhythmic balance that intensifies the brightness of metals and creates a melody by joining and disbanding according to MUSTOWNJEWELRY.COM.

Timeless and elegant, Paloma’s Melody represents the appreciation of the designer for the wonders of her life, in the richness of the landscapes and the sounds surrounding her, the people she knows and of the countries she has accustomed to call home. In a moment of reflection, Pablo Picasso’s youngest chooses to capture these feelings and reproduce them in treasures that will be eternizadas with time.

Paloma’s Melody has just arrived in the shops Tiffany & Co. of Iguatemi malls and Jardim City, in São Paulo.

Paloma Picasso: “My jewels talk about the joy of living and timeless beauty.”

Born in Paris and the daughter of Pablo Picasso and Françoise Mme Gilot, Paloma Picasso is regarded as a great artist by his own merits, celebrated a boldly original style, defined by bright colored gems. She started to create jewelry in adolescence. He soon began to create avant-garde theatre productions and draw jewelry for the legendary stylist Yves Saint Laurent. In 1979, Paloma Picasso was invited by Tiffany’s design director, John Loring, to create a table composition for one of Tiffany’s exhibitions. A year later, the first exclusive jewellery collection of the designer was launched at Tiffany and today, already added 36 years of partnership with the jewelry store.

Source: Mktmix Communication Advisory