New Safety Standard for Helmets

By the end of 2014 safety standard for Helmets was. The new standard has implications for existing rijhelmen since 2015 and have an impact on the sale of horse helmets with specialized tack shops. What are the consequences for riders, driving schools and organizations competitions?Since a long time, wearing a helmet when riding required.Official competitions and ride this obligation usually do, so that both the Organization and the rider is to intervene if the insurance in an accident.

The first half by 2015, however, was a gray area when it comes to the safety standards for helmets. Every five years the security certificates are reviewed and adjusted as necessary. A new standard was delayed, and in the meantime, no helmets were with the old standard will be produced anymore.

CE VG1 01 040 2014-12 Standard

At the same time, the new standard issued, who named CE VG1 received 01 040 2014-12. Until the end of 2014, there was always talk of CE/EN 1384 standard. Manufacturer of riding equipment was at the end of 2014, to stop production of its current rijhelmen, but got more to sell their stock. Also tack shops were these helmets sold to consumers in anticipation of the new helmets.
As the new standard for quite a long time was delayed, many manufacturers and stores stock shortages.Now standard CE VG1 01 040 is the development of new models to be launched and the new helmets from mid september 2015 is expected in stores. Some manufacturers that KAMPOT Italia and Samshield have been working fully with the new standards, their helmets will then certainly for the next five years to meet all the rules.

How is it with your old helmet?

The one who has a bike helmet light with the CE/EN 1384 standard, it will not immediately replace these helmets are not suddenly uncertain because a new standard has been issued, and thus can be passed on with confidence. Riders who want to buy a new helmet, but looks best on them buying a new model is created in accordance with the new rules.
Also in riding schools at rijverenigingen and CE/races will EN-1384 helmets should be allowed for the time being. Perhaps this will change in the short term, but it is expected that the problem will solve itself when the rider gradually renew their helmets.


Also, body protection and back protection has meanwhile issued a new security standard. For these articles is that as of the autumn of 2015 new models coming to market that meet the new standard, but it does not mean that the older models should be thrown in the trash. Of course, it is always wise to safety materials to renew every five years so that they maintain their optimum protection. The material of the equestrian helmets and body protection lose strength over the years and is, therefore, inappropriate to absorb large shocks. In a specialized tack shop can seek your advice on which safety vest and helmet fits your body and aim. Such safety equipment, you should not buy online because they function optimally only if they are 100% fit. Different brands and models will now is the message.