New Year Dresses: New Year’s Eve Dresses

When the end of the year approaches, one of the concerns of many women is the clothing that will be used in the festivities of this time: Christmas, New Year’s Eve and family reunions, friends and also work.

And when it comes to holiday clothing, one of the most used items by Brazilians is the white dress and although it has already given way to other looks such as pants and shirts, shorts and blouses, the single piece still remains sovereign .

Does It Have To Be White?

Not necessarily. It all depends on your taste and your choice. The traditional color is white, but if you prefer you can replace it with off white, nude, rosé and other light shades, which are also very used in New Year’s looks.

Other options are the vivid colors, which are all about summer-the season that warms the New Year celebrations in the southern hemisphere. Some suggestions are yellow and pink, vibrant tones that will look great on tanned bodies. The emerald green and the blue klein are the suggestions for more sophisticated and sober looks.

In addition to the white dresses or summer colors, you can also choose dresses with cheerful prints or even dresses with sequins. Gold, silver and rosé are great choices for this occasion. So, if you wish, do not be afraid to leave the blank aside. But remember: the vast majority of women will be white. If that’s not a problem for you, go ahead!

Beach New Year’s Eve Dresses And Daytime Celebrations

Clothes worn during the day or on the beach need to be light and comfortable, in more fluid fabrics, to match the moment. Discreet glows and laces are great allies of New Year’s looks on the beach. And the long dresses make the look even more beachy.

On the feet, a simple or gladiatorial rash or even an anabela sandal helps you to walk more comfortably along the sands of the beach. The festive clutch can be replaced with a small bag with a long strap.

Check out some options that you can find in Brazilian stores on the internet:

Dresses To Celebrate The New Year At Night

At night parties such as the Eve’s Dinner with the family and New Year’s Eve ballads, the look needs to be a little more sophisticated and you can count on more sparkles and more varied dress models.

In the feet, the jump is the option of the majority. If you do not like it, opt for a stone trail. If using a heel, use a square heel or a half-paired shoe to stay comfortable and stand up celebrating without suffering.

The bag can be a clutch of sequin, transparent acrylic, with stones… in short, a festive clutch that pleases your taste and that matches your look. Also bet on accessories like three ring kits, maxicolares and maxi earrings, always remembering that the ideal is to use one of the most flashy and the other more discreet items.

The following are some dress choices to wear on New Year’s Eve.