Night Fishing In Deer

Fishermen of deer team composed by Dario José Bustamante, Malcon Castelli, Cristian Gandara, Valeria Farias and Los Reyes the night Juan Pablo Haist and Ignacio “Night AZ” truck one night barbara went to lagoon situated at Calle Dimmer city of Venado Tuerto-Santa Fe.

Immediately at the place already booked by Dario, who arrived a few hours earlier, started to deploy our teams of bait and spinning sets of coast-background and float mode embodying with filet of pejerrey, carp posta, posta of eel-caught in the place by Juan Pablo-and fresh mojarras (mojarras fresh was the best bait).

Pique will yield in a field of reeds with clear to throw inside, pique was even for Ignacio and Juan Pablo who made fishing alone based on Ignacio had continuous piques both float and fund with an amount of 10 tarariras, several averaged the two kilos. John Paul followed with a 6 tarariras, a pair of catfish and eel by Crappie fishing. For our part only Malcon captured a couple of tarariras with carp posta, Dario some that another tararira and me – who writes them Cristian – just a couple of wrong piques embodying with tent post.

At a time with eel posta we had very good amount of piques. After about five hours of fishing-being 3 am-went back to rest for now so start a new day with more desire to fishing.

Thanks to my team Anglers of deer, especially big people.