Night Light for Child’s Room

To play, rest, read or dream, small also need adequate lighting. Here are our tips to help you choose the suitable fixture

0-3 years: softness foremost

From the first weeks of life, the child develops his vision begins to direct his eyes … It is therefore imperative to opt for a light sweet on PHONECATIONS in her room, able to highlight the contrasts without dazzle. LEDs without heat sink (preventing them too hot and turn blue) are harmful to the fragile eyes of an infant and therefore prohibited.

The ideal? A light mobile placed above the crib and a night near the rest area. Manufacturers offer interactive models (pilot “Wom” B Kids) which broadcast a scalable light based on arousals and sleep.Another crucial point: the correct orientation of the lighting modules.”Lying in bed facing the ceiling in position ”baby relax”, or on the play mat, baby is often supine and, therefore, directly subject to the bright spots,” said Celine Hansen, pediatric ophthalmologist . Favor indirect lighting is therefore essential. We forget the ceiling spotlights, too powerful. The suspensions should be equipped with a broad shade to soften the impact of the bulbs.

As for possible directional lighting, they will be directed towards the ceiling … An opinion shared Inger Dulud, creator of the online concept store “A newborn chamber must remain hushed There should be more soft light sources. to adjust as needed, rather than stake everything on one or two powerful lamps. I suggest a wandering knitting to meander on a dresser, a few colorful paper garlands or suspension with a dimmer. ”

3-6 years: fear of the dark

To 3 years, the problem changes because small gain autonomy and rise example only at night to go to the bathroom. It was also at this age that can show fear of the dark. It is therefore advisable to invest in a special night lighting. A light blanket, a pilot light or a low-intensity halogen lamp on the bedside table (15-20 W) do them confidence.

Whatever model you choose, we opt for a lamp that does not heat, with a shatterproof and / or inaccessible bulb, and finally does not exceed a certain power. As stated Marie-Josephe Challamel, a pediatrician specializing in child sleep of * “The night lighting should remain light Beyond 40 W, light blocks the secretion of serotonin and sleep becomes almost impossible.. ” However, for manual activities, they will need maximum visibility: prefer a suspension (equivalent 60 W) in the center of the room, with a maximum shade. If their business is conducted mostly at ground level, it will ensure complete suspension of one or two wall sconces that will eliminate the last shadows.

From 6 years of light for reading

At this age, children learn to read. Impose the adjustable desk lamp with bulb daylight (Nature & Discoveries) to avoid eyestrain. For evening, a wall placed above the headboard or a reading light to accompany the story. We can also develop a mini-collection of lamps and nightlights on a shelf nearby (lamp “Miffy” small version of Kids Love Design, garland “Flamingos” My Little Bazaar). One way to prepare sleep while stimulating the imagination. As Catherine Nicol points out, creator of the brand L’Oiseau boat “Luminaires evoking characters from fairy tales, animals invite the child to be asked to move to a more contemplative mode they allow it-and c. ‘Interestingly hour of learning to read – to tell stories. “