Oakley Sunglasses With Sports Technology

Anyone who does outdoor sports knows how upsetting the sun, air and inclement weather are. Discover the Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley Sunglasses With Sports Technology

Whoever has never worn sunglasses, does not know what they are really missing out on, and whoever wears the Oakley sunglasses truly distinguishes between the best.


The sunglasses Oakley optimize security and performance to meet the demands of professional athletes. Those who are not content with less than the clearest and most accurate vision are now in luck. Faced with conventional lenses, they offer a more perfectionist vision. Most sunglasses increase the images and causes objects to appear moved from their true position.With the High Definition Optics (HDO) technology, Oakley lenses exceed the testing standards of the US National Institute of Accreditation, the institution responsible for measuring performance in the glasses industry.

The clarity test measures the sharpness of the images you see through the lens. The refractive power test measures how lower lenses distort vision by increasing the images. And finally, theprism test measures how lenses bend the light and make the objects appear moved from their true position. These tests show how conventional lenses can compromise your vision.

1) Polarized

OAKLEY polarized lenses reject up to 99% of the glow, resulting in a considerable improvement in comfort, safety and performance.

Golfers have to deal with the distraction of glow from lakes, bunkers and flat areas. Fishing sessions may be useless when blinding rays reflect off the water and hide catches. Driving with glow can be dangerous and race cyclists know how the glow can hide bumps and other hazards. A skier or snowboarder can tell you how the glow distracts, reduces mental concentration and eliminates energy from stress. Oakley has developed HDPolarized lenses for elite athletes but its technology is valid for everyone. Because the glow makes no distinction as to whether it is a sport champion, a weekend warrior or just someone who enjoys the sun.

2) High Definition Optics

This feature brings together a number of improvements in the fields of optical clarity, visual fidelity and impact protection and resistance, which allow OAKLEY sunglasses to pass the tests and obtain the certificates of the AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARS INSTITUTE in all the above mentioned subjects.

3) Prizm

This applied technology, only in the lenses of last generation, represents a revolution in the world of the optical investigation.Prizm lenses offer control of light transmission, resulting in tight-fitting colors, improved contrast and extremely real visibility to Oakley sunglasses.

4) Photocromatic

As soon as the ultraviolet in the lens is affected, the darkening is activated, but when the ultraviolet stops, the darkening is deactivated from the lens so that it returns to its original state. The great advantage is that it is not necessary to change glasses depending on the light conditions.

In addition, these lenses filter 100% of all UV rays, even when the color of the lens becomes lighter.


Oakley eyewear frames provide excellent performance and comfort with lightweight and flexible materials: Famous three-point restraint and impact protection.

Oakley offers the most advanced sunglasses collection for sports performance and color-lens lifestyle around the globe. No matter what you do, no matter where you do it, there is a perfect lens combination for you!