Onedrive: Microsoft Uses Dropbox as An Example

The cloud service by Microsoft, which may mean no more SkyDrive litigation should now go under the name OneDrive at the start. As communicated by the technology portal the verge, SkyDrive users have to worry about any changes.

The upgrade from SkyDrive on OneDrive should take place automatically – existing applications would continue to work under the new label according to Microsoft. The relevant applications under Windows 8, Windows Vista, Xbox and Mac will run from today under the new name Microsoft OneDrive.

More Storage Space and Android App

The innovations under the name OneDrive relate primarily to the space and users of the Android operating system: for this, an update is provided, which can automatically upload images from the Smartphone camera in cloud storage. The new Android app is now in the play store Google ready for download.

The space should leave be extended to up to 5 GB, if users can invite friends to OneDrive. Up to ten friends can be invited, for which there are 500 MB additional disk space. With this bonus model Microsoft follows the competitors of dropbox, which rewarded the canvassing in a similar manner. Total OneDrive users can extend its 7 GB when logging in to 15 GB storage space – there are in addition free 3 GB if the camera upload feature is activated.