Online Shopping:My New Handbags!

That I don’t have much on the hat with the theme of fashion, is probably less surprising at this point. I don’t know, somehow my interest is just somewhere else. I want to be comfortable and chic and casual dressed and especially not renounce my sneaker. I totally love to wear basic shirts and’m am not worried about my outfit. I mean, I run not around like Schlumpi, am but still far from any fashion trends. All the more impressive, I think all the women who are not 0815 dressed through the streets run.

but have their own style and to express them. Hats off, really!

Well, therefore it is certainly surprising that it is today not to lip pencils, blush, bronzer, Highligter and all this stuff, but handbags! Yes, actually šŸ˜€ D I would like to show you my two new additions, and of course, hope that this interest you post. And who knows, maybe I now often write such posts.

Shopper bag

Reserved – ā‚¬30.19 with GSW discount

I bought spontaneously this wonderful wonderful wonderful specimen during the glamour shopping week. It was love at first sight. I saw it and knew right away that I order they must. I had no other choice. She is perfect for me and is just as good in combination with a leather jacket. I am a bit concerned that the handles are not really durable. But well, that I must simply check out.

What you the pictures don’t see: the bag has a Pocket that you can easy fasten with press studs and solve. I really like using these internal tables for all the stuff that is important: wallet, keys, car keys, cell phone, etc. So I will spare me the hours rooting. Because: Course offers the shopper bag really all hand! I think that the bag has enough space even for students among you. Where… If the handle is able to withstand all the ballast? HM, I will test times that in the near future.

The order reserved was very straightforward. I have – unfortunately – ordered on the Friday before the holiday on October 3 and have to losing a lot of latency. My order arrived on October 7 with me, so exactly a week after I placed the order. However, I assume that the shipment is otherwise speedy.

Shopper bag

Even & odd about Zalando – ā‚¬22.95

On the next bag I’m even not became aware, but a dear friend. She showed me the bag and I was initially very skeptical. Can you carry a bag in the copper metallic look in everyday life and especially combine? By the evening she did not go then me out of my head. When I finally wanted to buy them, she was naturally sold out. I haven’t just zuuuuuu good luck – such stories! And when it was available, I’ve not long flared. Home arrived quickly, it was clear I’m going to keep it.

I own almost exclusively shopper bags, because they have proven in everyday life simply most practical. It fits easily quite much in tote bags. I am as one of the typical women at the checkout stand and simply wild in the purse to throw everything and go. Now imagine, my purse would have not enough space? Disaster! In any case, the bag is an absolute dream. Simple and particularly to equal. Especially because this metallic copper strongly stands out from all other colors. I like it very much!

The shopper bag of even & odd is one of the typical “Reinwerf” bags: plenty of room for much disorder. There are, apart from the smaller pocket, no interior pocket, as is the case for example at the bag of reserved. This often causes panic after my iPhone search that I almost cry because I think that it has been lost and I am finally completely relieved, because it was in the bottom corner. Nevertheless, I like just like such everyday bag.

How do you like my two new entries?