Orange Also Launches a Tarifa Plana SMS for Three Euros, But Monthly

Since the beginning of the mobile phone, the price of the SMS text messages It has remained unchanged throughout this time in traditional and single operators when the service starts to fall into disuse, they try to revive them with offers that would have resulted from the more interesting a few years ago.

First began “ giving them ” together with the rates of internet Mobile but given that thanks to whatsApp and other instant messaging services, the gift is no longer any incentive for most by what now are beginning to focus on the intensive users of SMS that you may not have or not, hired a data rate.

Orange replica today the rate flat messages that Vodafone reprised last week improving the price to change to include fewer messages and without MMS premiering the new bonus 1000 SMS Orange.

In Exchange for a monthly fee of 3 euros, have 1,000 SMS to send to any national destination 24 hours a day no matter your voice rate. A service that can already be activated through the client area or by calling 470 both for card customers as contract.

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