Original Lamps: A Frame With Own Light

A Different Way Of Creating Original Lamps

One of the best ways to make a stay at cozy is creating a pleasant lighting. General lighting is good and for certain moments is necessary especially if you clean your House at night haha, but is much more pleasant to illuminate a room-based distributed strategically creating points of light so different scenarios.

Mulling over this issue has occurred to me that you don’t have to illuminate why always in the same way, sometimes a corner cries something different… an original lamp and it occurred to me to make this frame with light that day is more a decorative detail and at night becomes a point of surprising light. Day and night light vase.

OS Requirements For Making This Lamp:

A photo frame (you can reuse one you have at home)

Double-sided adhesive tape

Strip Led lights

We Start To Assemble The Lamp:

We are left only with the framework in question and throw back.

We apply the double-sided adhesive tape on the back for all the profile.

The next step is to remove the double-sided tape protection.

Carefully and pressing to stick well placing the strip of Led lights.

You plug and voila, you have a table lamp.

We Are Going To Decorate The Frame

It fulfilled a function of day and another night I caught a highball glass of my kitchen and a sprig of eucalyptus in the field and voila! I already have my 2 in 1 to put in the Hall of my house. can you imagine it? you open the door to someone and instead of the Jet of light coming from the ceiling, receive it with a pleasant ambient light.