Our Boots

Boots are something strongly associated with winter. After spending a large part of the winter in sweaty boots can urge to toss on the airy loafers or sneakers to be strong. In the correct design, however, a pair of boots to be equally suitable for spring.

Chelsea boots
After that in the early 60 ‘s had almost cult status where big names like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones all advocated this skotyp, stepped in as chelsea boots are a natural part of the shoe closet. With its sleek lines hear definitely to one of the classiest boots models, perfect for both rock as auditor’s style. In the right format, this is a shoe even for early spring, especially in Browns colors and mockakvalité. A detail that is important to perfect overall impression is the trouser length, where the boots are extra nice to choose slightly shorter pants.

Desert boots
Desert boots, Chukka boots, or as they are often called international, fit as Chelsea boots for uppklätt as well as free. There are a number of different variants, where the most important distinction to bear in mind is the sole design. A rubber sole, as can be seen, inter alia, in the classic Clarks Orginals, fits true to an informal costume, but when there is a need for something more uppklätt attire, it is not recommended.

Recent seasons have boots with slightly higher lacing than desert boots have become more common even in the spring. However, a too rough soles which can be a bit clumsy during the spring. Bright colors or as this model in fabrics from Rokin is also preferable to companies in black leather.