Outlook 2014:Jewelery Is Getting More Filigree

The new year is here – and with it come a lot of new trends in fashion, accessories and of course jewelry. Especially in the area of ​​jewelery, a clear direction can already be seen: in the past months and years, large parts of the statement that attracted the eye, chains, rings, earplugs and co Filigree. The jewelery designers, however, do not only focus on finer designs, but also on new designs and refined variants of what you already know and have seen. We present the most important changes and trends for 2014 on time and in a nutshell:

Delicate chains

Compared to other jewelery pieces, it will still be relatively modest in 2014.Statement chains with large, graphic elements will increasingly fall into the background this year. Instead, they prefer to wear filigree, ornamental copies – in winter, too, like the sweater.If you would like to make an edgy statement with your necklaces, you should not have to resort to big, chunky variants, but to narrow halftips. Another trend, which is currently being shown by the stars, is that the necklace is not worn in the classic neckline according to Barblejewelry, but “reversed” and lays down on its back.This garment looks especially great to an elegant dress with a deep back cut out.

Bracelets and rings move upwards

Even bracelets and arm braces will be much more elegant this year.More often, you will see so-called hand braces, which are attached to the upper wrist and snug around the back of your hand.Jennifer Lawrence has already premiered at the premiere of her current cinema hit “The Tribute of Panem – Catching Fire”.Hand braces will be one of the most important trends this year.

Rings will be worn more frequently on the middle or even the upper finger member in the coming months instead of the lower ones.To make this variation great, you should not only rely on smaller models, but also choose very narrow rings, which are for example only a tiny gemstone .Here: Less is more!

And what else?

Ear cuffs, so-called “ear cuffs,” play a role, are some larger-sized plugs or clips that are attached to the side ear.Up until now these jewelery pieces have been rocky, punky and cheeky – now they are more delicate, more elegant – and very glamorous!A last important trend to be mentioned at this point, which could become important in 2014, are flower chains, which are placed in loose high-neck cut-outs and provide a particularly refined look!