Oxford Shoe

The oxford shoe is classic and chic. The traditional oxford is all leather, including sole, besides being characterized by laces and by prey. Are extremely chic shoes.

The oxford was restricted to the men’s shoe for a long time. With the passage of time all that changed and the sets played this male influence in

women’s feet. The just for men has become for women too. And we? We started to fall in love with that kind of shoe.

Historically, the oxford first appeared in Scotland and in Ireland (also called balmoral). Has become popular in England. In France are known as richelieu.

For men, this is the ideal shoe for use with formal clothing (suit + tie). A shoe that is considered the ultimate elegance of male feet. So are super suitable for formal occasions (weddings, graduations, business meetings). Every man must have at least one oxford black in your wardrobe. A wildcard to play chiquetosos moments.

Can I declare? Man with oxford and well dress is super charming. Menswear to fill my eyes. Love …

The oxford female follows this original influence traditional oxford male, but a lot has changed. Today there are a variety of styles – from classic to the more casual. There is a wide range of colors, designs, textures, and materials. The influence is male, but the oxford woman is still feminine.

The oxford–be it for man or woman–is a chic shoe that evokes a great deal of charm and style.