P2 “Sun City” LE

P2 has provided me with courtesy a few products from the current “Sun City” LE I have now tried it out and geswatched. I talk not long around the Bush, but even just present the photos.

be electric! loose eye shadow – “030 L.A.”

A pigment, or even loose eyeshadow, which is heavily pigmented. I like it! The color is an intense yellow-tinged orange. A great summer color!

be charming! loose powder – ‘ 010 sun kiss ”

Delicate bronzing powder, that it is the best with the brush appeared also in the LE, but a separate, fluffiger powder brush will do. With your fingers, taking too much product, but the swatch is now even more powerful. The glitter are very fine and the color is really nice tender, not too dark for me, if I use a little powder.

be cool! “leg bronzing stick – 010 refreshing bronze”

Sure, I was the most excited. The stick glides comfortably through the skin and brings the promised cooling effect – if only briefly, but definitely refreshing. I know not whether that just works at hot temperatures and, above all, whether it is smart to have the part in between cooling the legs while (not that that thing melts!), but in itself, I find the stick quite nicely. The color I also here is how in the powder, not too strong, but only very gently – outweighs the shimmer and think that’s good thing. Also smells stick pleasant after coconut (and in my opinion even real and not so artificial).

be stylish! nail polish – “030 Sunset Strip”

Nail Polish must not be missing in the summer and this color fits great to the eye shadow. A lovely, shiny metallic orange. I’m unfortunately not a big fan of metallic coatings, but which will have lots of pleasure so an effect you like, so. Also the other coatings from the LE look very pretty! The paint covers with 2 layers (who is sent, needs may be only one layer) and dry (without “good to go” by essie) relatively quickly. Definitely a beautiful summer color!

be playful! Lipstick – “020 dreamy” and “cheeky 010”

Two lipsticks with an interesting texture. On the lips, the lipstick feels very creamy, but rather as a gel-like than sticky. The colours are semi-opaque, opaque medium so strong, as you can see in the photos. Both have much Shimmer in it, when “020 dreamy” that tends to be a silvery more a golden shimmer, with “010 cheeky”. “020 dreamy” acts in the pen rather orange, will be on the lips but rather like a bronze, or gold. “010 cheeky” is pretty much the color in the pen. Taste the lipsticks remind me of something fruity floral, somehow slightly like a perfume, but not too pushy, so still in the frame.

Overall I find the products I got sent to very successful. Even though I’m an idea man rather less, I find most tollsten varnishes and lipsticks. The stick for the legs I definitely will try. I’m curious to see how it works then. I find the eyeshadow almost a little too strong for everyday use, but to a simple outfit you can apply a little bit more. Also, the powder is a nice product, I need to test but it remains in the face.

Did you take some at the LE?
What you liked best or what would you buy have you?

The products in this post were provided kindly cost and unconditionally me by the manufacturer or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much!