How to Choose a Bikini for Fatties

How To Choose A Bikini-Swimwear For Fatties

The summer is coming almost in half, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the beach or the pool, so the fashion tips to enjoy the warm weather of the season still have relevance. The dilemma this time of year happens with chubby women, because they are in doubt about what the bikini model best suited to enhance your body. Continue reading →

How to Make Black Blur

How to make a make with black eye blur – step by step

The black makeup is one of the most basic, it can be used on various occasions. When light, serves to occasions during the day, when heavy is best for nighttime events. Fact is, she looks good on Brunettes, Blondes, redheads, black, anyway, all women. Learn how to make this make the Joker without choke at home: Continue reading →

Lifestyle Sunday 94

So he’s here, April. And as one expects from him, this one does not really know whether it is raining or the sun is shining. But there is also a constant in April, and this is the Lifestyle Sunday, which, like every Sunday, knows how to inspire you with stylish clothes, practical gadgets and unusual sneakers. So now enough of the words and have fun with the lifestyle Sunday #94. Continue reading →

The Pregnant Fashion Dresses

Summer 2013-Tips And Fashion Trends For Pregnant Women

The period of nine months of pregnancy is the phase when the woman’s body undergoes changes, which generate many questions in time to face the wardrobe.Insecurity and doubts of how to dress affect future moms because they believe it could leave them with a larger appearance, or even uncomfortable. Pregnant women can use the pieces you apetecerem, including today’s fashion trends. Continue reading →

Huawei Ascend Mate and Ascend D2


Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer who wants to start in the smartphone area. Huawei seems to be the key factor, as the Ascend Mate is now the world’s largest display in a smartphone.With a huge 6.1-inch screen, the Ascend Mate stands out clearly from the competition. While other manufacturers are trying to keep their devices compact, Huawei obviously does not worry about the mobility of such a device. Continue reading →

Vocation for Pedaling

Three Years After Winning A Bike From His Father, Ruan Guillen Emerges In The State And Is Already The Ranking Leader

Only two points separate the young Ruan Guillen (Cia. Athletica / Fun Sports) from the first place of the ranking of paulista of cycling in the juvenile category. The 16-year-old rider from São Simão dreams of a victory in the town of Gavião Peixoto on the 16th to try to get to the top of the list after 11 stages of the São Paulo Cycling Cup. Guillen competes for Ribeirão Preto. Continue reading →

Wedding Trends that You Should Avoid This Year

In the search for current wedding trends you can get inspired brides and grooms on Pinterest, Instagram and co. But not everything there is original or imitative. Here are seven trends that you can neglect in your planning.

Whether wedding dress, food, or decoration, the location: Social networks are the right address when it comes to designing the wedding.However, if you want to experience a truly unique day, do not miss the following ideas this year. Continue reading →

Wedding in Gold, the Secret Shoot

Blush Dresses for wedding, a real-wedding in blue and a blue wedding dress of the week–I love the trend towards extravagant and special weddings. This is exactly why I have something else than white for you today: The styled shoot of adene photography enchants in glittering gold with an eye-catching highlight and a beautiful, fairytale-like backdrop in the forest. A lot of inspiration for your own shooting and the decoration can be found here–what do you think of the shooting in front of a light curtain, for example? It certainly looks beautiful even in the dark. And I’m most in love with the little globe. Let’s be adventurous! Continue reading →

Two Ways to Highlight the Concave of the Eye

The concave marked is trend already for a few seasons, representing the style of the makeup of 1960, decade in which gave particular attention to the stroke in the eye. Nowadays, makes some alternatives suggest to highlight this part of the upper eyelid, is evident, with graphics and creative strokes or more smoothly, just shading the area. How the effect looks more interesting-made with eyeliner or shadow? Check out the differences and vote for your favorite. Continue reading →

Cycle Tourism in Santiago: the Pleasure of Pedaling

To take advantage of adventure tourism you do not need risks. Also in the more densely urbanized scenarios it is possible to experience unforgettable tourist experiences in intrepid expeditions. This is the proposal of the circuits of cycle tourism of Santiago, one of the favorite activities for the lovers of the sport, the adventure and the urban walks, all at the same time. Continue reading →

Remove Stains from Baby Clothes

Is the baby is slowly converted to solid food, the one or the other spoon ever goes wrong porridge. And also when playing outdoors and in kindergarten clothing test is provided. Because babies tightening matters and stains are often inextricably linked. And young parents often pose an insoluble conundrum: How can we men the stains and how can the unsightly discoloration be removed best again? It’s not always the chemical mace, also tried and tested home remedies help the fight against the stains and save also environment and baby health. Continue reading →

How to Blend Summer Jeans Pieces to Wear in Winter


The coldest season of the year has come-winter. Of course this does not mean that you will not be able to wear those summer jeans anymore, such as the shorts or the jeans skirt. On the contrary, these pieces can be protagonists to compose looks full of style and personality for this season.

Here we will show four easy tips on how to build looks of winter with jeans piecessummer. Let’s also give a little styling trick , leaving your look more versatile and funky. Then check it out: Continue reading →