Facts about Swiss Watches

Swiss watches play a very important role in the watch industry. Not only for lovers and watch-interested, swissmade timepieces are an interesting topic.Anyone who does not want to dispense with a noble accessory with technical sophistication will find the right choice in watchmaking art from the country of the Swiss. But why Swiss watches have such a high place in the watch world and find such a strong charge with lovers, we have found out:

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Lollipop Continues to Grow and Kit Kat Becomes The Majority Version of Android

This time Google has taken a little more than normal to update statistics with percentages of use which has each version of Android. Few innovations to the view but with a pleasant surprise: Lollipop continues to grow while the older ones are losing ground. No hurry, because month-to-month growth has been small.

Lollipop It has gone from a 3.3% 5.4% According to the data published in April. Probably to some little but must take into account that in one month they have grown a lot. Good because it have manufacturers who have released updates throughout this month and the release of this version of series phones. Continue reading →

How To Use a Crop Top

The crop tops or also called top short have been very much in vogue today, and that is them famous look it on the red carpet. So you don’t use it. Small, short, sleeveless, the crop tops reveal the abdomen and although they are suitable for any kind of body it is essential to have a sexy figure.

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How To Choose Winter Boots

Winter comes and with it the eternal problem of choosing shoes that allow us to keep our feet tucked away from the cold and rain and at the same time be comfortable and be able to walk long distances without the weather is a problem. In addition, the footwear should adapt to our everyday needs and, depending on your use, be of greater or lesser quality, so it’s important to know how to choose boots for winter according to your routine and activities.

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Are New Operating Systems a Threat to Android?

With 81.5% of market share, Android continues to dominate in indisputable way the sector’s operating systems for phones and tablets. The domain is such that large systems of competition seem to stagnate hopelessly far to aim if you want to reach them, while new choices are forced to fight among them or the few miajas share remaining free.

But the history of the technological world is littered with fallen giants and lost thrones, reason why on Google they should be very attentive to new proposals that carry appearing since the year past, because you never know which of them could be that put the hard things in the future. Continue reading →

Wedding Hair Accessories 2013

Wedding hair accessories can make to that unique touch of glamour and sophistication. Here is the most beautiful for the 2013 season

The wedding hairstyle is a very important part of the look, because it is the element that defines the character of the dress. For example, a lady who choose a style “flower child” can let her hair down and say no more, the flowers are perfect for romantic and classic brides tiaras for those with a mind to resemble as much as possible to a Princess. Continue reading →

Approaching The Android without Google: Blu and Cyanogen Will Bet by Opera, Bing and Cortana

Kirt McMaster a man who is saved is not what you think, and in recent weeks has left us some pearls as his forecast that Apple and Samsung will fall in 5 years as already happened other leaders such as RIM and Nokia, or that the aspirations of your company spend by getting that Android will become independent of Google.

But if the CEO of Cyanogen is an optimistic person of itself, how are going to shut up now that his company has achieved a funding round of $ 80 million with the participation of companies of the likes of Twitter, Telefónica or Rupert Murdoch? In an interview yesterday with Forbes McMaster not only ratified his words, but it ensures that they will end up with Google, which go to put a bullet in the head with a new phone. Continue reading →

Huawei Fit, a Fitness Watch-Like Bracelet

Those who are looking for a bracelet or watch connected to track their physical activity have the choice in a market where several manufacturers offer products for every taste and all prices. If it is Fitbit who monopolizes the biggest market share, other manufacturers hope to make him shade with quality products. This is the case of Huawei, which launched a few weeks ago Huawei Fit, a fitness bracelet that looks more like a watch.

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Antique Style Chandeliers

Wood, iron or with luxurious multifaceted Crystal pendants, anything goes at modernism chandelier. Offers style and elegance to your home! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style.

Antique chandelier: retro essences

What is the true meaning of “modernism”?

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Travel the World with Luggage By Tumi

Experience the Tumi difference: with the American brand founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, the bag department store expands its portfolio to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luggage. Now, the luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories from various series in the bag department store will be available, because good luggage is more than just a pleasant luxury. Continue reading →

Cyanogen Receives a Round of 80 Million Dollars from Twitter, TelefóNica and Rupert Murdoch

If we met that day to Cyanogen as a team that sought to create for different mobile Android ROMs tell us at the time they were going to receive a multi-million dollar investment from companies like Telefonica probably would say that it is a lie. Well Yes, that small group that evolved into a startup in Android has received a funding round.

Companies such as Twitter, Telefónica and Qualcomm have invested in total 80 million of dollars on Cyanogen. It is not the first time that capture the interest of large investors, already at the time Microsoft was interested in them but now receive an amount that will allow them to continue growing and evolving as an alternative to Google on its own platform, Android road. Continue reading →

How to Make Matte Lipstick Glossy?

If you thought you’ve seen it all in your makeup case and items to rechea it, not yet. The fashion for make up can still reinvent itself, so much as to put between the new trends for makeup matte lipstick. Different, no? If you were used to using lipsticks beautiful with brightness or ultra brightness and is a big fan of gloss, you can create a resistance to lackluster lipstick. It’s different, but also very cool.

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Vintage Inspired Fashion With A Conscience: King Louie

Requesting it in the Newsroom of the vintage Flâneur vintageinspirierter fashion portable well in everyday, so the answer “King Louie”-not for nothing comes certainly as from the gun shot, our Miss Andover man relies much on the Dutch label as a “working Mom” privately. The clothes still are really beautiful, like the cover of issue 16 of the vintage Flâneur proves impressively. What many do not know, is the exciting history and the ethics behind this company. We want to tell you. Continue reading →