Paranoid Android Was Not Dead, Had Been Partying: It Has Become with News

Many veterans of the flashing of Cooked ROMs they were casting from least to Paranoid Android, one of the most famous and customizable that we could find in the scene. Some time ago it disappeared from scene to the loss of part of his team, so the remaining not could continue offering support to the terminals.

But the project has never been asleep at all, was simply dormant, waiting to be fulfilled the necessary conditions to return to big, and that has happened. The team has been renewed, He has won a number of members and now we have them here, and come with some new features under the arm.

Some of the innovations that we have prepared to the renewed team of Paranoid Android is the ability to reorder the icons of speedy adjustments leaving simply pressed on your tile, to convert a floating application, support for immersive mode or a CM temeas engine. There are more improvements, but these are some of the most prominent.

Terminals that can install Paranoid Android 2016 will be the most popular of the family Nexus (6 p, 5 X, 6, 5, 4, 2013-7, 9), the OnePlus family (One, 2 and X) and some Sony terminals (the Z2, both Z3 and Z2 the tablets, but there could be more).