Party Dresses Long Sleeve How To Use?

The arrival of winter forces the woman to re-examine your wardrobe. The scarves, jackets and blankets are best worn with strapless dresses or with higher neckline, to give a little more comfort.

Now I don’t like that kind of coverage can opt for a party dresses with long sleeves.

The long sleeve party dresses, should be used only at night, the black color blends very well with this model of dress and leaves look more elegant.The lace on the sleeves applications can also be a good choice and can be used for an event that requires a more sophisticated outfit.

Colors like purple, green or orange can be used too, but you have to be careful. Must be combined with sober and accessories with neutral colors.

Long Sleeve Party Dresses As Use? Some Tips!

Necklines are very stylish and if combined with more moulds that highlight the curves, can bring a very sophisticated silhouette woman.

The back of the dress can be opened with the use of cuttings, fabric or lace braids.

Another way to cover the arms without hiding the body is using sleeves in income without any deep into tissue.

Pay attention to the size of the manga, she must be perfectly adjusted to your arm, that is, aligned to your wrist.

Remember that the long party dresses with sleeves do not need bracelets. If you want to use an accessory, opt for plain models so that the stones or hooks don’t stay hooking into their sleeves.

How to use long sleeve party dresses? Get inspired in looks of some famous!

Actress Charlize Theron has chosen a model Emilio Pucci with nude and black cropped design, back with a slight cleavage ended up giving a more elegant and more feminine to look.

Kate Hudson, opted for a more glamorous look, with a beautiful sequin dress by Jenny Packham.

Already the model Kate Upton, opted for a long dress from Alexander McQueen with pale pink bufantes sleeves.

Other party long dress looks with mango to inspire even more of you!