Perfect Engagement Ring For You

The perfect engagement ring for a unforgettable marriage proposal

There it is actually not there or it, the perfect engagement ring? He is a symbol of eternal love and to forever commemorate one of the most beautiful moments in life. The engagement ring is the main character of the proposal and can it be unforgettably beautiful and perfect, or raise but also in doubt when the beloved.

Precisely lacking males often creativity and self-confidence, to seek out these “a” ring. Also the whole creativity of man called already on the marriage itself. A football stadium is to be hired to make the request, or how about a plane that the rain lover in the sky writes and roses can be the name? We are of the opinion: the personal and romantic, the unforgettable. And the correct diamond ring may also not be missing!

Whether white gold or yellow gold, brilliant-cut or Princesscut – there are many different ways to select the perfect ring. But what was still exactly the Princesscut, and how can a diamond based on the “four C’s” again (Carat, clarity, colour & cut – genaueres you will find in our diamonds lexicon) determine? And how in the world the ring size of the woman can actually measure?

At BarbleJewelry, you will find not only a wide selection of fine Prêt à-Porter engagement rings, we advise you gladly to all aspects of your dream ring.

And of course every woman on the loved one wants a custom manufactured model with a personal engraving of your future – with our Engagement ring Configurator no problem! Customize one of our prêt à-Porter models according to your wishes and give a personal touch the ring or get advice from Franz and Maximilian Hemmerle to your made.

As you decide – here you will find an engagement ring, will be as memorable and individual as your marriage proposal!