Pieces of Jewellery in Blue

Luxurious ethno-look at Brahmfeld & good call. Long earrings with diamonds and turquoise.

Pieces of Jewellery in Blue

The blue hope diamond is regarded as saying umwobenster gemstone of all time. Stolen, lost, again detected and fought over – the 45,52 Carat object of desire was for decades. But also this blue sparkling jewels of noble jewellers are desirable.

Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette: All should have worn the legendary, later called “Hope diamond”, gem. Once in India, the diamond is of myths umrangt, so he should have heard the Indian goddess Vishnu, which gave future owners angry about the loss, disaster and disease.Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI died under the guillotine. However, was fiercely fighting for the possession of the 190-million euro stone, who many years was regarded as lost and today in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. is.

Turquoise in All Its Facets

The blue pieces of jewelry by Tifanny & co. conceals – fortunately – not dark legends and myths, the “blue wonder” of the traditional jeweller are impressive nonetheless. Tourmaline turquoise, dark blue sapphires and countless diamonds: The magnificent pieces of “Great Gatsby collection” and the “blue book collection” are reminiscent of the jewels of the Kings and emperors. These are some of the valuable copies to individual construction, produced only on request.

The blue pieces of jewelry by Brahmfeld & good reputation are less luxurious, but as valuable.The Hanseatic tradition jeweler opts for the stone turquoise and luxurious ethno-look.

Modern, minimalist and effective, the rings of the Pforzheim manufacture A. are Odenwald. Off white or yellow gold are the rings of series “Candy” and “Luna”, the Centre represents a great Aqua chalcedony.

Facets of light blue and turquoise seem to seem to be a popular color in the jewelry collections of the Nobel brands: the online fine jewelry store RenéSim relies on large, turquoise earrings, while the Italian jewelry brand Al Coro launched heavy gold rings with turquoise stones and fine diamonds in the collection of “Candy”.

Famous Blue Jewelry Pieces

Titanic is one of the most famous adaptations of the hope diamond, the “heart of the ocean” in the film of the century. Blue like the sea are also the fine hanging earrings “Double Rose”, or the elaborately polished Sapphire rings from EJewelry. The small Stud Earrings by FOPE in silver and Rosé gold have a deep blue agate stone as the centerpiece, speciality the fine, lining-drawings are. The studs of the collection “Amici” by Al Coro in turn occupied with brilliant-cut diamonds sparkle with polished sapphire sea-blue. The dark blue engagement ring of the Windsors the onlyLady Di had and now Kate Middleton on the ring finger worn is, is one of the most famous rings in the world. Occupied reminds of this piece of jewelry turn the diamonds “Ring Prague colored Sapphire”.

Infinite Blue

But why fascinate blue jewels and gems? Perhaps it is the effect of the color, which has a special, sublime and relaxing aura. The coats of the Kings were often dyed in deep Indigo. The color was one of the most expensive materials in the middle ages. Also, is the eternal color blue for infinity and is thereby one of the most appropriate colors for fine jewels and jewelry that you want Yes acquisitions for eternity.