Popcorn Time, Torrents Streaming App is Disabled

The Popcorn Time had little time to live, or come out of beta. Committed to free make streaming torrents, jumping thus a step to the user he announced this afternoon that is terminating its activities – before you even start them officially.

In a statement announcing the end Popcorn Time is shown as, above all, a challenge for its creators and something they are proud to have won.

The streaming app was similar to Netflix, but free and with a more complete library: films that competed for the Oscar this year were in the catalog, such as 12 Years a Slave, gravity and Trickery. And it was the same book for the whole world, since he has not hosted the movies, only intermediated the torrent and playback.

Therefore, the Popcorn Time was not illegal, and its creators claim to have checked four times – so this was not the reason for the order. And they did not say what it was but for the wise, the criticism of the film industry enough. In an excerpt from the statement, it is said that “as you may know, this [app is cool] is rarely enough. (…) We learned a lot, especially to be imposed against an old industry has its costs. Costs that no one should have to pay anyway. Heavy, right?

He follows criticizing the old format of the industry entertainment, which prefers to stop new forms of distribution to embrace them. This is demonstrated by the range of Popcorn Time in his short time in the air: the application has been translated into 32 languages ​​through crowd sourcing and came to be installed in all countries across the globe, including two that do not have access to the internet – much more any film traditionally distributed.

Officially, the reason for the end of Popcorn Time is “not because we lost power, commitment, focus or allies. But because we need to get on with our lives.”

It is unfortunate that methods most innovative entertainment products distribution (not just movies but music, books, etc.) are braked by such a traditional industry that refuses to embrace new ways of consumption of its customers, the public. But the success of the Popcorn Time makes it clear that there is demand – if anyone doubted – and is even supported by the law. Just missing the entertainment industry accept that.