Practicality with Lots of Fashion Information

Today’s Style Bureau takes a trip in the history of fashion and clothing by rescuing an accessory that has been with us since the iconic 40’s!

Shoulder bags appeared in the face of the fervor of the end of World War II! The men were in the midst of war, and women began to frequent factory floors to cover the shortage of labor.

The super-pompous productions of the time opened space for more and more practical pieces that would facilitate the hard work. In this context, haute couture decays and ready-to-wear(ready-to-wear) meets the big fast fashions of today. The clothes are not tailor-made, but in a production that precedes the demand.

In this context, in 1950 the wonderful Coco Chanel revolutionized once again creating the first shoulder bag inspired by post-World War II women!

The model was a milestone because it allowed the support on the shoulders and, therefore, the women were left with the hands free to develop other activities. The play was recognized as a symbol of female freedom and victory according to PreorderHandbags.

Today is no different! Most likely you also have a shoulder bag at home and use either to go to the ballad, work or day trips! If she’s half forgotten, will we bring her to use again? Or how about a new model to give that up in the look?

We have splashed wonderful inspirations for you to set up your next production and ramp up the showcase. Get Inspired!

And for you who want to be inside the trend without fear of making a mistake, the trick is to bet on the accessories that transform the basic looks into super productions. Check out the options Crisfael that we separate for your client to sweep:

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