Pregnancy Symptoms

The first symptoms of pregnancy

Not all women notice a pregnancy until their rule fails.

Women have a flair for their bodies and recognize changes often very quickly. Women are quite conscious of the signs of pregnancy. Even if they can not immediately assign them, the instinct tells them that something has changed. Perhaps they react to certain situations much more emotionally than usual, even if it is completely inappropriate. They can control their feelings only with difficulty or not at all. Or their bodies send signals. Your breasts will tighten, eventually they will grow bigger. Somehow suddenly the bra does not fit so well. The jeans may look very tight on the belly, because this is unpleasantly inflated.

Especially during the first weeks of pregnancy, intensive hormonal changes occur in the female body. Therefore also the enormous emotional fluctuations. In some women it occurs earlier, in others later, to clearer pregnancy symptoms. While some are happy without any complaints from their pregnancy, the others are struggling with unsightly companionship, which will make the perfect ideal image of an ever-happy and radiant mother – as we like to be sold in the media. Every pregnancy is different. And if you look at it closely, no woman will like to report to her environment about a possible diarrhea, constipation or flatulence. Unfortunately these are, however, many pregnant pregnancies.
How is an ovulation test used?

Clichy Pregnancy Symptoms

On the other hand, the general morning sickness is affected by clichés.

Unfortunately, it is not a malaise in the gastric region, which the mother will simply counteract with a rusk before standing up. More precisely, this impossibility of breeding creeps in during the day, and especially in the night. So that women also have to be cautious with sleep deficits or are often handed over. In addition to the stomach pressures, pregnant women often feel an ugly pull in the uterus, as if their rule would soon begin. In the period of the implantation of the egg in the uterus, this pulling may also pass into pain.

Strangely enough, pregnant women are overly sensitive to many things. Apart from the emotional concerns, the pre-drinking at a bakery stand can cause a vomiting. Or the man’s favorite favorshave can turn into an intolerable stench, though it was a gift of the mother to her beloved. An odor sensitivity, but also a taste change, are typical accompanying symptoms of a pregnancy. Suddenly, the favorite marmelade is just bland and the cigarette does not want to taste any more. The appetite varies with the pregnant. For no apparent reason one develops a hot starter on apples, although these were always to be opposed to before. So the metaphor “hot hunger on sour cucumbers with ice cream” is not so far fetched. It is probably a protective mechanism of the body, it requires what it needs of nutrients.


What women do not expect at the beginning of their pregnancy is the constant fatigue.To be able to fall asleep in a standing position – no matter where and how – pursues the first weeks.In addition to this, dizziness or problems with the blood pressure often combine.In the evening, the pregnant women notice that their legs and hands are swollen.

The first pregnancy symptoms

If the rule remains, you automatically assume that a child is on the road. But especially for women who are intensively trying to get a baby, the woman’s psyche can already play a trick. You feel things you want to feel. Exactly, only a pregnancy test is given .It is 99% safe.About ten days after fertilization, he gives a relatively clear statement.The blood test at the doctor can also provide the information as to when the pregnancy exists.Even for women who continue to have their rule, though less strong than normal, but who nevertheless feel that something new is going on in their bodies, can use the test to gain safety.Spare yourself through early disappointments.

The following pregnancy symptoms may occur:

  • Absence of the monthly hemorrhage
  • Morning sickness
  • Stomach cramps
  • warm feeling
  • Pulling in the breasts
  • fatigue
  • Frequent urination
  • dizziness
  • Apetite disorders (eg unusual eating strains)

If their feeling has been confirmed, they have to deal with the new situation like all other pregnant women. Life will change fundamentally. The psyche is an elementary part of the pregnancy symptoms and must not be underestimated. After all, everyone should take as much time as they need to adjust to the baby and ultimately consider the pregnancy in spite of all the stressful and stressful companionship as what ultimately is: a wonderful and unique phase in the life of a woman.