Printed Blazer: Tips For Matching

In addition to the black and white fashion , one of the great tendencies of when the colder seasons arrive is the printed blazer, which has been appearing in most parades of the season, besides being present in the showcases of the best known brands of the country.

You love this piece, but you have questions about how to use it? Today IMulher brings unique tips to put together looks with this jacket model that has become one of the great highlights of winter and complement modern visuals in spring and summer. That is, there are reasons to have this type of blazer that guarantees bossa to any clothing.

How To Match Your Printed Blazer

Short Women

For small women the best option is to choose white blazersor at least light backgrounds and put on a shirt, blouse or any piece of darker clothing underneath it. Thus, it seems that the person had the silhouette elongated, besides offering much more sophistication to the look. Choose a closed high heel shoe, like the scarpin, the same color as the lower part of the clothes if it is a pair of pants or even opt for a shoe of color next to the skin in case of skirt or shorts, also brings this effect of stretching.

Large Hips

For girls with large hips, the recommendation is different: one should prefer dark-colored prints and wear pants or skirts and also dark t-shirts. Give preference to the longer models that cover the hip and that are tapered but wider than the hip. The boyfriend blazer style also works well in this piece and breaks the romanticism and femininity of the piece a bit, especially when it comes to flowery.

Little Chest

In contrast, those who have little breasts should opt for a lighter blouse under the blazer. Meanwhile, you can abuse colored blazers and larger prints.

Do you like the tips on how to wear a printed blazer? It’s easier than you think.