Professional A-GPS Tracking Device

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Location based on GPS (A-GPS)
It is especially suitable in case of GPS device can not capture the satellite, so calls automatically over for location based GPS tracking. Useful if the GPS device is in tunnels or underground.

Real time tracking
It is easy to track GPS device directly from your smartphone or PC/Mac. The system supports updating the GPS device every 5 seconds with an accuracy of 5 meters.

Log history
The device has built-in log, which you can use to track 1 year back.

Monitoring and communication
You can call the GPS unit up and hear directly what is going on in the vicinity of the device. This option is particularly good if you within the 5 meter have a little difficulty finding the GPS device.

Power saving function
GPS Tracking device has a built-in intelligent battery save module. Module puts GPS device into standby if not there have been touch/vibration in more 3 seconds. On the way, GPS unit power saves when the car/truck stops. As soon as the car/cargo car drive or teeth engine enabled device automation.

Google map on smartphone
You can at any time check the GPS device’s location directly from your smartphone via Google Maps.

Geofence and motion alert
The GPS unit can be set up as a kind of tagging see abbreviationfinder for what does GPS mean. You just specify in which area the GPS device may move inside. As soon as the GPS device is taken out or leaving it geographically defined area, it will automatically send an SMS to the predefined telephone number (telephone number of the one to be notified).

A-GPS Tracking Device

Speed alarm
Have your child just got driver’s license and want to borrow your car. Then we as parents choose to trust that his child is in compliance with the speed limit. But if you want to be sure that the move has been met can you appropriate put the GPS device to alert you if running more than 130 km/h.

Low battery alert
The GPS unit will alert you as soon as the battery is about to run out.