Recommendations to Bring Pearl Necklaces in Casual Look

The pearl necklace is one of the most classic and popular jewelry jewellery. The cultured wire continues to be a gift of some importance for future brides or for girls who reach important milestones, such as 18 years, graduation or the birth of their first child.

The briolette is one of the most precious of jewelry. This does not mean, however, that the rocks are not suitable to accompany briolette casual look.

But obviously there are only white round pearl, mounted in the traditional way to make an elegant jewel from great opportunity. Here in fact all the ways to bring the pearl necklace, even in casual chic look:

  1. White beads mounted on silk ribbon – perfect for a day look, even on a shirt a masculine cut
  2. Pearl scaramazze strands of different sizes and colors – to wear “stock” underneath a blazer
  3. Strings of beads of various sizes tor sur ton – ideal to wear together over a sweater that invokes the same straight flush
  4. Necklace with pearl only – to keep under a collared shirt to French
  5. Unique pearl pendant necklace – a real Joker, perfect on a cotton top, provided sufficient space give her neck

If you have doubts about how to match your pearl necklace please ask for details in jewelry –!