Recommended LED Flashlights


Solar Force LED flashlights are water resistant down to at least 1 meter deep, the lights have several o-rings in rubber to ensure a smooth and waterproof function. The lights are not pressure-proof and are therefore not intended for diving or under water. It is important that the flashlight wiped and is not covered with running water when opened or the battery exchange to take place, water may get into and short function and destroy the lamp. Change thus batteries in a dry environment and avoid doing so in direct rain.


The batteries are most commonly used for LED flashlights Solar Force CR123A 3.0V and 3.7V S18650 rechargeable batteries. CR123A is also available in a rechargeable version and then called RCR123A 3.7V, all the LED flashlights we sell are intended for CR123A can also be used with the rechargeable verisonen RCR123A. A battery with more power S18650-P used in larger flashlights, such as M6, M8, Masterpiece, S1100. This battery delivers more power and more power, resulting in a greater brightness in practical terms, S18650 batteries are only available in a rechargeable version and included several of the LED flashlights we sell, in this dall includes 220V charger and 12V car charger in the package. S18650 is preferable in most cases, instead of CR123A when they have a longer burn time and become less hot, the downside is that they take a little longer to charge, 3-5 hours compared to RCR123A which is about 1-2 hours of charge time.

LED segment

An LED torch normally has an LED part adapted to the batteries used and the current that these are capable of delivering. The smaller LED flashlights as L2, L2B has an LED part to about 3 watts and using a CREE R2 LED portion, that is detachable and replaceable. This kind of LED segment available with various power levels normal by 1-3 power levels and 1 or 2 positions such as; SOS signal and / or “strobe” function. An LED portion with 1 mode gives maximum power during the entire burn time, which is about 1 hour.

LED flashlights may also have LED elements that are integrated as water resistant head torches, as such. M3, M6, M8, Masterpiece, S1100. In these cases, you can not LED part easily replaced if it breaks, but the entire flashlight must be sent to the manufacturer for repair and action. However, it is very rarely an LED part breaks and have a normal burn time of around 50,000 hours, so no one needs to worry about. An LED portion is normally much more robust and durable than a conventional bulb, in the form of a halogen lamp or xenon lamp.

Recommended LED Flashlights

Shop Digital recommends small LED flashlights such as the Solar Force L2 for those who need a flexible lamp and prioritizes speed, simplicity in function and use. Solar force M6, M3 LED flashlight is slightly larger, but delivers in return, up to 700 lumens of illumination and have an extremely efficient LED segment. A very nice lamp for hunting, tracking or security guards and police. The larger LED flashlights in our range, the Solar Force M8, Masterpiece, S1100 is best suited for monitoring and surveillance of larger areas, they are all at around 1000 lumens of illumination and lights without any problem up a larger room, a gymnasium or the like. But a range of up to 800 meters so these lamps intended to be hand held and operate in more professional purposes.