Recycled Pendant Lamps

How To Make Hanging Lamps Recycled With A Hoop And Stretch Fabric.

What Lamp I Put Here?

We often make the mistake of deciding what lamps are going to put towards the end of the decoration as if these were a decorative detail more. It should not be so, because, especially hanging lamps, are parts which are going to focus our attention, you must also keep in mind that the evening will be lit to capture everyone’s attention.

Lamps Recycled For An Original Decoration

There are countless models and strive to get one that is that best fits our decor, other times we fell in love with any known design that leaves our pockets tremblinglamps are so expensive!.

As always a good solution to save some money is to do it yourself, using a little imagination can create or reinvent very original elements that will provide your décor a very personal touch as these chandeliersmade with a ring (which could well be a hula hoop), elastic fabric and a little bit of mana.

Elements Necessary To Make It




Ring (hollow)

Elastic fabric

How Are They Made?

At a glance you can see how to do them…

The first thing is to decide what will be its size, calculates the space that you have and choose the measurement of ring that matches.

If you’re going to lay more than one ten in account the distance that you will need between one and the other, you can play with different sizes.

Get a tube sewn fabric with a diameter lower than the ring that you have chosen. Be generous with the long, you already cut if you spare.

Sew the ring at one end of the fabric tube.

Tie the end opposite the lamp cale. So it will not slip and fall by the weight you can previously make a knot (loosely) on the cable and fix the cloth above it.

They are or are not original? For little money you can have about as original as these chandeliers.

Do you remember feather lamp that I published on PiercingFlashlights a while ago? It was also very simple and curious.