Retro Bikinis Revealing Swimwear And Summer High Summer 2011 With Vintage Footprint

A certain feeling dweller has taken account of the sets in recent times, and is responsible for the return of garment parts of great success in their respective eras.

After the glasses kittens, skirts and pants high waist, now is the time of bikinis retro’ collections of summer and high summer 2011.

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From the time tunnel, the retro bikinis come as latest trend of summer and high summer 2011. Ultracharmosos the models inspired by the Decade of 50 were present at the parade of the Osklen brand, Salinas and in an editorial of the magazine ELLE starring Victoria Beckham. They also have won the hearts of some celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Linsay Lohan.

Reason of turmoil in 50 years, the high-waisted bikini comes contextualized with the 2011 Summertrends, but keeping the original charm. Stripes, chess and common models-prints poás vintage-have also been reading through abstract references.The remake of retro bikinis has inspiration mainly in Pin-ups-models of the 50 years which posed in sexy photos.

But, hold on! If you’re not a fan of very high waist, need not despair. The market brings models with medium, below the navel, which convey the sensuality of veiled retro bikinis.

The marks on the combination & Nanny bet Lygia of vintage model with a fabric that gained power in 50 years, the Jeans. This unusual mixture can also be seen in the collection of the Beach cortininhas models PH. The Tea Rose, performed a contextualization of the bikinis used by Pin-ups of 50 years, as well as the brand La Playa, you bet on blends of poá with tropical motifs, giving up the retro bikini. Sweet Cocoa and already the Cove brought contemporary prints from patterns that were used at the time.
How To Use The Retro Bikinis?

The retro model with the high waist fine-tunes silhouette, adds little volume to the hips and stretch your legs, so it falls well with various body types; However, this bikini model has some caveats, as they emphasise the bust. If you have big breasts and you still want to follow this section, choose looks with panties up to my belly button.

And you would use or not the retro bikinis?

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