Retro Sundresses

“Eva Maria is was looking for the Sun on the beach, with his suitcase of skin and its striped bikini…” what would Eva Maria in his suitcase of skin so that the Formula V do you a song?

As safe a lot of retro sundresses, cutting twiggy sleeveless dresses, tight chest, marking waist and above all minifalderos, who paid to Eva Maria worthy of a song and if I hurry, of an entire disc.

And is that, although we have changed station and left behind the colors and patterns of the winter, summer 2013 collections come cargaditas dresses vintage, that does not change. But not only dresses, when we speak of the swimwear 2013 already I notice it, retro style is becoming all of a doctrine that invades our wardrobes. Dresses retro but also shirts, swimwear, handbags, hats, jewellery, brooches, sunglasses and an endless number of add-ins that take us into the 1960s and 1970s.

We saw it on the catwalks and now see them in stores. Summer 2013 collections maintain that inspiration in the past materializing in dresses, 60’s and 70’s dresses that show off legs brunette. The good thing about dresses is that you can combine them with flat shoes and high heels without losing style. And is that just the nostalgia of fashion and aesthetics of the 60 and 70 what does so captivating retro dresses.

Dare with dresses 70s with psychedelic prints? The signature Smash Lemon has plenty of retro dresses in acid and original colors prints with which insurance will make the difference. Forget the shame, using as an excuse the Sun, heat and heat and dare to color and joy fill your wardrobe, because if we are what we eat, we also are what you wear. Get as Eva Maria, and filled this summer 2013 your suitcase of bikinis and retro apparel when you go this holiday to find the Sun on the beach.