Retro Swimwear: Vintage Style Is Back In

The new vintage swimwear summer 2016 carries the sun in her Monokinis, tankinis and dashing accessories in bright colors make the visit to the beach is a real highlight. If you do not want to be “out” this summer, then you should consider a few tips when choosing your swimwear.

Vintage fashion for a great bathing experience

The main feature of the vintage swimwear 2012 is that the one-piece swimsuit can also be worn by women of the younger generation now without being ridiculed in any way for it. For the vintage beach fashion this summer returns to its roots in the 50s and 60s. With the classic one-piece swimsuits you can hide your small and slightly larger flab very well and make additionally an extremely trendy figure. Tip: bikinis with attached skirt can help you to conceal hips and thighs. So Both old young women benefit from the retro swimwear. Designer Karl Lagerfeld has this vintage style incidentally also picked up and presents its one-piece “Tuxedo Suit” – swimwear on the catwalks of the metropolis.

The monokini: A real eye-catcher

If you have a slimmer figure, then recommended for summer 2016 a monokini. In this, the upper part is tied together with the panties and emphasized by this form your figure. The tankinis are also among this year’s Retro Swimwear Trends. It is in these swimsuits by a two-piece, consisting of a top that covers the belly, and a short tight swimming trunks. Tip: tankinis are particularly female, if you opt for a version with neck node carriers. Many bikini pants rich women based on the retro style 2016 in the fashion now to the navel – no offense, but quite sexy! Tip: In such swimwear, however you should be careful if you feel too much to have a few pounds on it. These Bikini Bottoms emphasize the abdominal region rather than that they would conceal it.

These colors adorn the beach your body

Contrasting almost everything is allowed in 2016 thanks Retro Swimwear: Bright colors like red, turquoise and yellow meet pastel shades in apricot or coral. Accessories such as straw hats, sunglasses with strikingly large glasses and colorful patterned pockets complete this year’s trend on the beaches and swimming pools. The world of men experienced in the summer of 2016 the retro trend: Elegant swimming shorts come with narrow sectional shapes therefore and end at the top of the thigh. Long shorts are this year more “out”. Also in the men’s colorful patterns and motifs are announced on the swimwear.