Review Dior Jelly Lip Pen – “Carioca”

The jelly lip pens, which will be available in the summer collection → “bird of paradise” by Dior, are a novelty product at Dior. Of course no beauty-novelty, because they have me immediately (even if I have not) remember the chubby sticks by Clinique. I have indeed no comparison, can create but in good conscience this beautiful Jelly lip Pen at the heart of you – not least because of the name, because in me, yes a little slumber “Carioca” * (Cariocas are the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro – my whole family comes from there and therefore myself included too, although I was born in Germany) , thus exactly this lipstick is perfect for me – “Copacabana” would be but certainly also not wrong (I must look at live color me)…

I’ll show even of course a look so, until then I want you to meet but today only closer look the PIN…

The packaging is reminiscent of a thick pencil – with lid. These you may well take off and sit down again (perfect for on the road!). At the back of the rotation mechanism with which you out – and back inside can rotate the PIN is. Simple principle, pretty to look at!
Color as always at Dior in dark, almost black Midnight blue with Silver accents and silver text.

2.75 g product contained, thereby completely out turned the lipstick is about 3.4 cm long. An official shelf life is not specified, lip products such as can be at 12 to 18 months (I have written even a list with information about the shelf life of cosmetics → here ).
The price is approximately €24 (EIA).

“Carioca” is a beautiful orange shade with a slight pink touch. In this: many, many glitter particles in gold and pink. The color is really strong in the pen, but because the Jelly Lip Pen actually is more about a lip balm, as to a classic lipstick, is he on the lips quite sheer, are only slightly off color, but a lot of shine and also the glitter particles come out beautifully.

A “bird of paradise” look (or two) follows of course, where you can then see the Jelly Lip Pen in the overall picture.Until then the swatches on the back of the hand and a photo of the lip.

The feel is very pleasant, just like a soothing lip balm – not a bit sticky, but really good. Duft – and taste-technically resonates a little fruit, I would argue that it is a tropical mix with a bit of pineapple and grapefruit, here but not to fresh/tangy and – fortunately! -also not too dominant. Fragrance and also the light flavor vanish very quickly.

On the lips, the color holds well, after eating you should put on but it again, since it this of course is not a “Long Wear” product. It is not the purpose of the Jelly Lip Pen, so you should have too high expectations in terms of durability!

The ingredients I have of course even for you (capture the silver packaging is unfortunately not so easy…)

My conclusion:

For the summer a perfect lip product, which in addition also really wonderful fits into the collection (ever really also optically a pleasant collection, isn’t?). I’m happy with the color and the fit, I like such lip products in the summer – for everyday, I am fan of sheeren, bright colours on the lips (even though I always add the one or other color Flash). As mentioned above, I can’t compare now of course with the chubby sticks by Clinique, therefore I recommend to those who are already owners of the “predecessors”, time yourself to see if thats what for them.
Who can take as unbiased as I, a wonderful expects the hybrid of lighter color and lip balm with a beautiful sheen.