Review Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Recently, I have the “False Lash Effect”-Mascara by Max Factor from a friend received. After I have worn them a few times and I was wondering if I could they hamradio, do I do that now and she introduce you briefly:
“Full Lashes, Natural Look” – that promises the mascara.
The following is available on the home page to:

“Why false eyelashes, if you can achieve the same effect with your own?” The new false lash effect mascara doubles the size of your eyelashes in no time. He is the beauty-must-have of the season – also for the make-up artists! Its secret lies in the oversized brush, combined with the patented liquid formulation lash. The XXL brush separates lashes accurately and covers you up to the top with volumizing mascara – your eyelashes show abundance and look stunning. For a sensational result. Are 100% yourself.”

That the lashes of course didn’t look like extreme fake lashes the effect for me is but I personally like clear (and moreover I could upset me in absolutely any mascara advertising – you can see always the eyelash Ribbon!).

The Plastic brushes is quite large, has short bristles, but rather what has unsettled me first.
The smell of mascara is a little uncomfortablevery chemically, but luckily eyes smell anything.
The color is intense Black (now on the photo thanks to the Flash looks slightly greyish, but not so!).
The brush takes just the right amount of color, when you pull it out of the tube. Only forward at the top, something is too much, but you can of course easily cross that.
The drawing with the brush is also super easy. I first thought she was slightly too large to so well to apply mascara to the lashes in the inner angles, but here, too, I had no problems. At the lower lashes, mascara is somewhat unwieldy, but get away any spot with a cotton swab. This first the mascara to dry and then apply the swab and turn on the spot. You smeared as nothing and is not too much concealer/Foundation/powder.

My lashes are generally not just the greatest, which is reluctant to separate. But definitely extend!

Links , I have applied the mascara without base , I got them right before with an eyelash curler shaped and my essence-base applied.
You could see the difference very well. Without base, bundle up the eyelashes, be extended but after all, it’s all right.
Shaped and with base the eyelashes are extending in addition even better separated and visually more condensed.

Since I use always an eyelash curler and a base, I am with the result very happyof course. A finished make-up that looks of course everything always again very different, especially if an eyeliner is in the game. A makeup with the mascara will find here →.
Also, you can use this mascara?
What are your experiences?