Revolutionary Hair Dryer

From England comes a new dryer that promises to revolutionize the way we get dry hair. It ‘was designed by the English Dyson, who has decided to combine the best technology of the moment in an instrument that is present in all the houses and that we use virtually every day. What’s so special about this new hair? First, the design is very special, but it is also more quiet and controlled by only the heat will damage more our hair. In short, it is the perfect hair dryer.

Her name is Dyson Supersonic, has cost more than 70 million euro in investments and is the result of work of 100 engineers for four years. The company, famous worldwide for its vacuum cleaner, this time proposing a hairdryer with innovative design, lightweight, practical, quiet and safe for our hair.

James Dyson says:

“Hair dryers can be heavy, inefficient and noisy. Analyzing them in detail, we also realized that can cause serious damage to the hair. That’s why I challenged Dyson engineers to study the science of the hair carefully and to develop our hairdryer to solve these problems.”

The hair dryer has a motor that is 8 times superior to the other dryer and is very light, despite the power, according to ehealthfacts. It has a system able to control the heat, so as not to cause damage to our hair. The body and the accessories are always cold, thanks to Heat Shield technology, so we do not scotteremo hands. Thanks to an aero-acoustic engineering team, the hair dryer is extremely quiet, thanks to an axial fan in the engine.

The price is not exactly cheap, but it will be better spent 300 euro of our lives: will be on sale from September in the USA!