ROMs Cooks Turn Their Backs on The Samsung Galaxy S4

Every time you a flagship, the community usually makes an effort by rootearlo, play with the code and create ROMs to get more out. A story that is repeated and it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will change slightly.

After its presentation in New York last week, many were hoping that developers would like to sink his tooth to tinker with it and create new versions. However, the reality is different and CyanogenMod has championed the message: We went from the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This so emphatic claim has several reasons for Fund. The developers involved in the previous models of the Korean company have encountered different problems make functional ROMs to other high-end as the S3 or the Note II models.

It is true that there are excellent ROMs but there is always some to which finishes you fail something that ends spoiling the experience: the camera, any function specifically within the menus… An optimization problem by cooks but also because of Samsung, which doesn’t support these initiatives.

That is why the main involved in development for Samsung devices have decided to turn our backs on this model. It is not that it is a drama or a radical change but it is significant that this group of users to position itself in this way.

It is clear that nobody buys a mobile, in the majority of cases, wondering if can change the ROM of the phone. This decision will not significantly affect sales, but it is interesting to see how that relationship between users and manufacturers is modified.

The CyanogenMod team, through their official Twitter account, denies that they have turned their backs categorically to Samsung. One of its components made a comment and has been interpreted as the opinion of the entire group. This also means that CyanogenMod for the S4, simply that (CM, Hacksung and company) developers are unhappy with the conditions of the Korean manufacturer.

Thanks to The Slow Guy for the correction.