SafeSwitch, The New Functionality of Qualcomm for Its Snapdragon 810

With the arrival of the new year new processors knock at the door, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, clear candidate to give life to future high range that arise along this 2015. Taking advantage of this, the manufacturer has decided to add several utilities such as streaming video at 4K, the cancellation of noise in video or the protagonist of today, SafeSwitch.

Today our Android smartphones have a wide variety of data from our private life, since messages and photos to our bank details if you usually make payments from your terminal. In the case of theft or loss data could be committed so there are different tools to protect them as the administrator of devices Google or Cerberus, one of the best applications for this field.

Qualcomm taking advantage of output has incorporated the SafeSwitch functionality that will give us the option to add a password remotely, delete, or retrieve private data and even locate it to know where is located our Android device. For the more concerned for their safety from the own Qualcomm ensures that it has been protected to prevent hacks with a great programming with all the possible security.

Thanks to these innovations our Android devices are becoming more confident that It will facilitate to gradually go catching options such as pay directly with your device or perform more tasks that require maximum safety from them, making Android an ecosystem more safe and reliable..