Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Gorilla Glass 5 Scratched

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will probably be the smartphone of the year. With its technical equipment and the numerous features, it can hardly reach the water so quickly. The new Gorilla Glass 5, which is considered to be particularly robust and scratch-resistant, was used for the first time. Corning has made a great deal of effort to implement the composition and processing in such a way that the surface is to withstand all the stresses of everyday life. Gorilla Glass 5 seems to be almost unbreakable. Unfortunately, the material seems to hold another weakness.

Surprising Test Result

The Youtuber JerryRigEverything specializes in making smartphones and other devices so-called stress tests. This time he made the Galaxy Note 7. To test the durability of the display, he has scratched it among other things with different tools. Apart from the fact that as a smartphone friend at such a sight my heart bleeds, the tools on the display actually left visible scratches.

The Youtuber did not scratch on the glass with full force, but merely simulated everyday contact with other objects. So if you carry your Galaxy Note 7 in the handbag, this test result would quickly scratch the front again. However, a few other practical reports would be needed.

Difference Of Generations

The older Galaxy models are still equipped with Gorilla Glass 4 and carry the same test apparently significantly less scratches. However, they should be more vulnerable to fall damage than the Galaxy Note 7. So completely without weakness, a modern display seems not to be realizable. If the test results persist permanently, you should pay particular attention not to transport your Galaxy Note 7 with zippers or keys together in your pocket.

Alternatively, you can always use protective film. These extend the lifetime of your display considerably. You only need to find slides that also protect the bent edges of the edge display and keep them neat.

Would you feel the vulnerability to scratches from a purchase of the Galaxy Note 7, or are the advantages so much that it does not bother you?